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Please Endeavor to go through the frequently asked questions below before contacting us.

For your convenience, our customer service specialists are here to help you from Monday to Friday 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Eastern Time. You can also place your order online at at any time.

If you wish to order prescription medication from Medsteroid, yes you do need a valid prescription issued by your local doctor. You do not need a prescription to order over-the-counter health products marked as non-prescription or over-the-counter on our website.

Yes, we do need to receive an original copy of your prescription before we process and ship your order.

We make it easy to order prescriptions from any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply search the website and select items to add to your shopping cart. When you check out, send us your original prescription for all prescription drugs. If you prefer, you can contact Medsteroid via phone and speak to one of our friendly customer service specialists to place your order. After receiving your order and prescription, our team of pharmacists, technicians, and physicians must review them before we can ship your package. We will not charge your credit card or process your payment until your prescription is approved.

For more information on how to order prescription medication from Medsteroid, view our How To Order page.

When you purchase products from Medsteroid online or by phone, you can pay using Zelle, Cashapp, Bank transfer or via Bitcoins. Please note that if you pay using a check, because of the time it takes the bank to process the payment, your order will be delayed an additional 5-7 business days. If you prefer to use a different payment method than the ones listed, simply call us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

For your convenience, all prices listed on are in U.S. dollars (USD).

Yes, you can request a price match from Medsteroid. Simply show us recent proof of the lower price at another FDA accredited pharmacy for our customer service team to review. Please note that the drug has to be identical and sold under the same terms, for example, the order must ship from USA just like our orders.

When your order is more than $350, shipping is completely free. For orders less than $200, you just pay a $15 flat-rate shipping fee for your entire order. also sells a wide variety of over-the-counter health products if you want to order more to spend $350 and get free shipping.

Most orders reach their destination within 3 to 5 days. However, please allow up to 7 days after we ship your order to allow it to reach your home address. Please note that we can only ship your order after we have received your payment and an original copy of your prescription.

Whenever Medsteroid ships an order to you, we will send you a tracking number. Contact your local postal service online or by phone with this tracking number to track the current location of your parcel.

As long as we have not shipped your parcel yet, you can cancel your order at any time by contacting one of our customer service specialists.

A generic drug is a version of a brand-name drug that has the same dosage, strength, safety, quality, route of administration, performance, and intended use. Generic drugs only become available after the manufacturer proves the drug has the same active ingredients and works in the same way in the body, in the same amount of time, as the brand-name drug. Generic medications only differ from their brand-name counterparts in their price, with generic drugs usually costing less than the brand-name drug, and possibly in their shape or color, since trademark laws prevent a generic drug from looking exactly like a brand-name drug. Medsteroid only sells the highest quality generic drugs, produced in some of the best manufacturing plants in the world that are approved by Health USA as well as other international regulatory bodies.

If you usually take a brand name pill and have instead ordered a generic drug, your pills may look different. Although they may look different, generic versions of a drug have the same active ingredients and work in exactly the same way as the brand-name medication. The appearance of medication or packaging may also differ from country to country, even though the strength is the same. For example, Celexa 20MG is usually a peach-colored pill, but in Canada it is white and slightly smaller, even though the same company manufactures both pills. Two different brands of generic medication may also look different because they are made by different manufacturers, although they are equivalent in every other way.

USA has high standards and regulations governing the manufacturing of medication and health products and the licensing of doctors and pharmacists. Despite some possible cosmetic differences, medication from USA is the same quality and strength as medication from other areas like the Canada.

Unlike some regions of the world, American medication prices are regulated with limits on how much patients have to pay for their prescriptions. This means that American drug costs are often lower than other regions and so we at Medsteroid we deal and sell in bulk orders.

No. Medsteroid does not sell any narcotics or controlled substances. If you have a prescription for any such drugs, please visit your local pharmacy.

Medsteroid runs a daily McAfee security scan to check for any potential vulnerabilities on our website, which ensures our servers and software are always up to the highest standards of online safety. We also use 256bit encryption to transfer all sensitive information through our website, including your payment information and contact information, with an SSL certificate from GeoTrust.